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our lives are  lled with variety. we have, for example, a variety of foods to eat and a variety of clothes to wear. all of these varieties and many more meet the various needs we have.
our spiritual life re ects our physical life. we need a variety of prayers and practices in order to meet the needs of our souls. Traditional prayers, spontaneous prayers, meditative practices, and creative prayers meet our di erent needs as we set aside time to talk with God. all of us have our fa- vorite prayers for di erent occasions. some of my friends enjoy praying the hail Mary over and over whenever there is a crisis. others pray the angel of God prayer whenever they feel a need to be safe. some take a blanket and a bible and head outside on a warm summer day to rest and relax in God’s arms as they imagine themselves in one of the scripture stories. at other times, the soul needs to create, for we are made in the image and likeness of our creator; therefore, we hear a call to pray using art. Prayer is our way of communicating with God, who waits and longs for our love.
 is book can be used in a variety of ways. catechists and catholic schoolteachers can use it as they review or teach the traditional prayers for the  rst time. students will  nd the activities engaging and easy to accomplish. an intergenerational prayer evening can be planned, and each of the prayer experiences can be an individual station. all involved can review the traditional prayers and experience newer prayer practices. Grandparents who are able to share their faith with their grandchildren can use this book as a way to help teach them the basic catholic prayers. Parents who choose to homeschool their children will  nd the prayer experiences in this book easy to use as they help their children develop a relationship with God.
no matter which prayer or practice you choose, may it deepen your relationship with God and  ll the need your soul has as you journey into the heart of God.
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