Totally Lent! (Primary) - 2023

Totally Lent! (Primary) - 2023

A Child's Journey to Easter. Engage young Catholics in a Lenten journey that is guaranteed to enrich their faith and foster their spiritual growth. These "guidebooks" − available in three age-appropriate editions − are perfect supplements for parish religious education programs or school religion classes.

From Ash Wednesday, February 22nd, through Easter Sunday, April 9th, each day features a new page of reflections and activities Each week begins with a two-page introduction designed to help young people explore Lenten practices and learn more about how their Church celebrates throughout the year. The day-by-day format can also provide focus and structure for inter-generational and family-based catechetical programs as well as home-school catechesis.

Each edition is age-appropriate. For intermediate-and primary-grade children, engaging activities and pencil puzzles and games help develop and reinforce season concept. (64 pages, 6" x 9")

Click here for sample pages from the 2023 Edition.

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