Refresh Your Faith: The Gift of Being a Catechist

Refresh Your Faith: The Gift of Being a Catechist

Celebrating the New Directory for Catechesis

The new Directory for Catechesis provides an opportunity to renew and refresh the call to catechetical ministry. The Refresh Your Faith series offers hands-on applications of the Directory’s principles for catechists, catechetical leaders, parents, and all those involved in this vital ministry.

Witnesses. Accompanists. Keepers of the Memory of God. These are some of the ways the Directory describes what it means to be a catechist. In this inspiring booklet, Janet Schaeffler, OP, shows us how the Directory affirms and celebrates the vocation of catechists and catechetical leaders, and how each of us is called to this role in different ways. She helps catechists discover the many facets of their call—as builders of community, dynamic animators, creative artisans, and more. With engaging stories and profound wisdom, she helps catechists find new reserves of joy and peace as they respond when God says, “You are the one I need. You are the one who will make a difference.”

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Author: Janet Schaeffler, OP • 32 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”

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