Refresh Your Faith: The Holiness of the Catechist

Refresh Your Faith: The Holiness of the Catechist

Celebrating the New Directory for Catechesis

The new Directory for Catechesis provides an opportunity to renew and refresh the call to catechetical ministry. The Refresh Your Faith series offers hands-on applications of the Directory’s principles for catechists, catechetical leaders, parents, and all those involved in this vital ministry.

In this booklet, Kathy Hendricks sheds light on the rich and varied ways that catechists witness the Good News through their own personal holiness. Framed by personal stories and inspiration from saints and spiritual writers, she guides catechists through the many insights the Directory offers about how to integrate everyday holiness into catechetical ministry. From spiritual practices to the ways we experience God’s beauty, she invites catechists to tap into the deep well of holiness within them and discover their own “profound ability to attract others to the Good News of Christ and the unending mercy of God.”

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Author: Kathy Hendricks • 32 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”

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