The Gospel for All Ages

The Gospel for All Ages

A Strategy for Parish-Wide and Family Catechesis Based on the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies

Parish-wide catechesis is thorough and ongoing faith formation for all “ages and stages” found in the parish. The approach of The Gospel for All Ages is the same approach found in each of the weekly resources: to bring our lives to the Gospel and to bring the Gospel into your lives. Adults, teens, and children talk about their lives in the light of the weekly Gospel and then bring the Gospel into their lives through shared, reflective conversation, prayer, and commitment to action. Every issue begins with life experience, focuses on how that experience relates to the Gospel and how the Gospel relates to that experience, and finally leads to a renewed commitment to living the Gospel every day and to building up Christian community.

The Gospel for All Ages coordinates with the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies and the basic components are:

  1. Weekly age-appropriate liturgically-based periodicals that can be used in a variety of ways
  2. Teaching guides for each of the four units (in print and online)
  3. Director’s Handbook for the Weeklies (online only)
  4. Resource Manuals (online only)
  5. Gospel at Home Family Pages (English and Spanish. Online only)
  6. Weekly blog called GROW
  7. PLUS…many more online resources to supplement the weekly lessons.

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