Welcoming God's Children: Baptism Connection Kit - Dvd And Cd Plus 10 Family Packets (Product/Goods)

Welcoming God's Children: Baptism Connection Kit - Dvd And Cd Plus 10 Family Packets (Product/Goods)

Welcome your youngest and newest parishioners and their families as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Baptism. This unique kit is designed to expand current Baptism programs and to add to your family faith formation in a long-lasting and connective way.

In the featured Welcoming God's Children DVD, Father Joe Kempf walks us through the preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism to the joys of becoming an active member of the Church.

 The Connection Kit also includes ten Family Packets designed to assist parents and godparents on their journey with the child from Baptism to First Communion. Each packet, housed in a sturdy and easy-to-file envelope, contains connection materials for one baptized child and his or her family.

Each Family Packet includes resources you can use to build a strong connection between the parish and the family of a recently baptized child, all housed in a sturdy and easy-to-file envelope.

You'll receive:

  • Baptism Beginnings: A Parent's Guide to Baptism This booklet helps parents prepare for and fully understand the Sacrament of Baptism. Thoughts and encouragement from Fr. Joe Kempf are included.
  • You Are My Godchild: A Sponsor's Journal (2 copies) Faithful journaling exercises, Bible verses, prayers and devotions fill this journal designed to be a keepsake memento given to the child at First Communion.
  • My First Bible Storybook This colorfully-illustrated collection of 12 beloved Bible stories is written for parents to read to children ages 1-3.
  • My First Year of Faith This calendar marks the physical and spiritual development of the newly baptized child through the first year of his/her life. Stickers are included to track faith and growth milestones.
  • Baptism Birthday Cards (Set of Six) These cards are designed to be given by the Godparent (or by a Parish worker) on the Godchild's baptismal anniversary through age 6.
  • Child's Baptism Certificate
  • Sponsor's Baptism Certificate (2 Copies)

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