Seeds Activity Book + 2 CD Set

Seeds Activity Book + 2 CD Set

Activity book for Seeds includes 32 reproducible activities, three Early Start and three Late Close lessons.

The Seeds CD Set contains 2 CDs, and includes songs for the Liturgical Year, as well as acclamations that can be used for prayer and when transitioning to the Gospel portion of each lesson.

Click here to view or download the song lyrics from these CDs.


CD 1 CD 2  

1. The Seed Song
2. God Made the Animals
3. If You’re Happy and You Know It
4. Two Little Ears
5. Thank You Song
6. Like Jesus
7. Jesus Is Coming
8. Away in a Manger
9. Little Dove
10. Follow Me
11. This Little Light of Mine
12. One Family
13. God Gave Me Hands
14. Easter People
15. The Spirit Song
16. Everything’s Growing
17. Today’s a Special Day

Gathering to Hear God’s Word
1. Gather Together
2. Come Gather

3. The Promise, Part 2

4. Walk on to Bethlehem
5. Jesus’ Lullaby
6. Happy Birthday, Jesus
7. The Holy Family

8. Saying Yes

10. New Life
11. God’s Love Is
12. Let’s Celebrate Now

Ordinary Time
13. All God’s ANIMALS
14. God Created You and Me
15. God Loves Me
16. God’s Family
17. Have You Ever Seen a Mustard Seed?
18. Hello, Jesus
19. I Am the Way
20. I’m So Special
21. LOVE God
22. The Trinity

23. Mary, Our Mother
24. Mary, You Said Yes to God










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