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We all have this natural desire for the sacred in our lives. We all want unconditional love. We all want to belong to something or some- one bigger than ourselves. We all want to say yes to God as our Father, and yes to Jesus as our Brother and Savior. This natural long- ing for the sacred is the journey of our lives. If we listen to the Holy Spirit, all our roads lead to God.
But sometimes things can get in the way. We get busy. We get distracted. We let the seasons of the Church year (and even the seasons of the natural year, the dying of autumn and winter, the emerging life of spring and summer, illustrating the great lesson of the Church year, the dying and rising of Christ) pass by without notice. We forget that, in the Church year, every season is a season of grace. Every day is a saint’s day. Surely we can find the time to celebrate at least some of them.
This book will help you to do that. There is nothing complicated here. Mainly, it is a book of “look and see.” Look at what you can see in the seasons of the Church year and in the world around you, and share it with your family in a simple and straightforward way. Look at the riches of the liturgy of the Church, and make it your own, in your own way, in your own household, in your own “domestic church.”These riches are yours. This book can help you to recognize them. Take them, use them, and help your family to grow in faith and in love.
Jesus invites us to meet him by seeing where he lives. Jesus, the Risen One, lives among us in the here and now, in the loving chaos of family life. As he invites us to share his table at the Eucharist, let us invite him to share ours at home, as we celebrate a year of grace with him.

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