The Golden Rule Poster

The Golden Rule Poster

This striking poster depicts, in scripture and symbol, the Golden Rule in 13 religions. The poster focuses on the Golden Rule as not just a moral ideal for relationships between people, but also for relationships among nations, cultures and religions. It is an excellent resource for world religion courses.

Users include:

  • Religious educators and families to inspire conversations on values
  • Teachers in classrooms
  • Organizations for fundraisers
  • Libraries for displays on world religions

The classroom version (22” x 29”) is ideal for inspiring conversations on values in religious education classes, for fundraising for organizations, and to enrich library displays on world religions.

Classroom Poster: 1-9 $9.85 each, 10+ $8.95 each

The take-home student version (English, 8 1/2” x 11”), available in packs of 25, is ideal for use in the classroom or as a take-home focus for family discussion. Discussion starters are included on the reverse side.

Student Version (set of 25): 1-4 $23.95 each, 5+ $19.95 each

Code: HTP-5003

$10.95 each / 10+ Items, $9.95 each