What's Your Catholic IQ?

What's Your Catholic IQ?

Testing ourselves is a national pastime! Who hasn't second-guessed a TV game show contestant? Right or wrong, we win because either we feel pretty smart or we learn something new. That's also the goal of this new book. Catholics of all ages can test themselves, feel good if they know the answer or if they don't they learn it. Everybody wins!  

Questions are in seven faith categories with three levels Rookie, Almost-Expert, and Scholar in each category.

  • Advent-Christmas
  • Bible
  • Catholic Identify
  • Commandments & Beatitudes
  • Lent-Easter
  • Sacraments
  • Saints

Click here for sample pages you can preview or print. Use quizzes as discussion starters, giving everyone a chance to answer. If the group is stumped, provide an answer and explain it. (Comprehensive answers are provided.) That helps participants learn, and have fun while doing it!  (48 pages, 8 1/2" x 11")

* Reproducible books are not returnable.

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