The Year of Our Lord 2020/21

The Year of Our Lord 2020/21

A Liturgical Calendar for Classroom and Home

This popular calendar, a tradition every fall in Catechist magazine, provides a beautiful and effective overview of the liturgical year for teachers, parents, and children. Callouts highlight holy days of obligation, the illustration depicts an inspirational event from Mark’s Gospel, and an easy reference to Gospel readings is included for all 52 Sundays, and Christmas.

The classroom version (16" x 22") is in English on one side and Spanish on the other, and comes with a complete guide − also in English and Spanish. The family version (11" x 16"), an ideal link between the catechetical classroom and the home, provides engaging and family-friendly liturgical catechesis throughout the whole Church year. On the back is an overview of year A plus simple and effective tips for using the calendar in the home. The family version, in packs of 25, is available in English or Spanish.

Note: Dated Materials are not returnable.


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