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About Us


Pflaum Publishing Group is a division of Bayard Inc., a national educational publishing and media company exclusively serving the K-12 education market. Pflaum publishes a wide range of materials for Catholic religious education including the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program for preschool through grade 8, Together in Jesus sacramental preparation programs for primary grades, mini-courses for junior and senior high Confirmation preparation, and Children Celebrate! products for Liturgy of the Word with Children.

Bayard Inc., also publishes two magazines for Catholic educators: Today's Catholic Teacher for schools, and Catechist for parish programs. The division also offers a wide variety of marketing services to other educational publishers.

Mission Statement

We, the employees of Bayard Inc., commit ourselves to serving the education community by publishing quality products, providing dedicated customer service, creating effective marketing programs, and pursuing sound business practices.

To achieve these goals, we must . . .

  • Attract and nurture qualified, competent, customer-focused individuals who take pride in their work and in their ability to contribute to the goals of the company.
  • Maintain a working environment that fosters productivity, creativity, innovation, and respect for others.
  • Identify and respond to the evolving needs of the education community.
  • Effectively communicate the value of our products and services.

We acknowledge with pride our entrepreneurial beginnings and continue to be inspired by that rich and creative vision.

Employment Opportunities

Acquisitions Editor, Spirituality and Parish Resources

Twenty-Third Publications, a Division of Bayard, Inc. is seeking an Acquisitions Editor to work as a contractor from their home office. The primary responsibility for the Acquisitions Editor for Spirituality and Parish Lines is to provide 20 publishing projects per term of Agreement (a combination of books and small booklets) that will support the mission of Twenty-Third Publications in these categories. This role is carried out in collaboration with the Publisher and the Acquisitions Team. Qualified candidate should have five years editorial experience, three in book acquisitions preferred.


  • Seeks and actively acquires manuscripts and/or authors that match these editorial lines.
  • Maintains an updated working docket of proposals discussed by the Acquisitions Team in the spirituality and pastoral lines and collaborates in building seasonal lists from this docket.
  • Evaluates incoming proposals and manuscripts.
  • Obtains author questionnaire and reviewer recommendations (as needed) regarding manuscripts or proposals under consideration.
  • Participates in a weekly acquisitions meeting: prepares Potential Project Report for manuscripts under consideration and presents these to the Acquisitions Team members; uses this feedback in weighing project viability.
  • Offers standard terms to author; requests author contracts.
  • Collaborates with the author in the development of a project, bringing the manuscript to a point where it may be sent for copy editing, or in some case further developmental editing as needed.
  • Seeks imprimatur when needed or when appropriate, asks author to obtain.
  • As needed, makes suggestions for endorsements, foreword or preface and obtains these where appropriate, and forwards information for back cover write up to marketing.
  • When possible, attends annual conferences and conventions to maintain relationships and make new contacts with other publishers and authors.

Preferred Qualifications

  • In-depth knowledge of the Catholic faith and practice, and the reality of the contemporary church.
  • Familiarity with updated theological and ecclesiological positions.
  • Degree in Theology, Ministry, or Religious Studies.
  • Knowledge of the book editing process, with experience in acquisitions
  • Knowledgeable of current trends in society and the needs of Twenty-Third’s audience.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Practical team skills.
  • Appropriate communication, organization and interpersonal skills; strong Microsoft Office skills.
  • Strong diplomatic and negotiating skills.
  • Strong project leadership skills.
  • Ability to undertake multiple projects with various details and meet deadlines.
  • Able to network and maintain relationships with authors, contributors, and other contacts.

Qualified candidate for this contractor position should send their resume to:  jobs@bayard-inc.com.